Sustainable Farming - Boskovich Farms Inc.
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Sustainable Farming

Sustainability: “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

–US Environmental Protection Agency, 2009

  • Transportation Efficiency

  • All Boskovich Farms tractor engines have been upgraded to turbo charged, which increases our fuel mileage and reduces emissions. By using “doubles”in our flatbed trucks, we increase our capacity which in turn reduces costs such as fuel, driver expenses, equipment wear and tear, and highway driving.

  • Water Conservation

  • In the field, we implement drip irrigation systems, which promote more consistent soil absorption and efficient water usage. At our processing facility, water is filtered and recycled. By proficiently managing our well pumps, we maximize our output, reduce fuel costs and allow more efficient water delivery.

  • Reduction of Chemical/Pesticide Use

  • Using crop rotation techniques, we have realized a reduction in chemical fertilizer usage. Drip irrigation allows for better coverage of pesticides and herbicides, thus decreasing the amount applied. Additionally, we source seed from companies who continue to research new treatments to seeds which reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides.

  • Packaging/ Containers/ Pallets

  • Now an industry standard, Boskovich Farms was one of the first in the produce industry to ship on reusable pallets in the early 1990’s and offered rebate incentive to our customers who participated in the pallet pool program. By converting to RPC’s (Reusable Plastic Containers), we have substantially reduced our corrugated usage. Additionally, we have converted film packaging to PLA (Polylactic Acid or polylactide), a biodegradable alternative to petrochemical based films, made from renewable sources such as corn starch or sugarcanes.

  • Waste Reduction & Management

  • Through our recycling programs in the processing plant and offices, we have reduced landfill usage by 52 tons per month. We have installed a cull press to compact our vegetable waste from our processing plant. This reduces the number of truckloads of waste our plant generates by half.

  • Community Involvement

  • As one of the largest employers in Ventura County, it is important to us to be a good corporate neighbor. We support causes which benefit our community, our employees and our industry, such as community schools, youth organizations, sports teams, and churches. We also faithfully support the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Police Activities League, American Red Cross, and Food Share.

  • Good Employee Relations

  • At Boskovich Farms, we recognize that so much of our success is due to the hard work and dedication of our loyal workforce. Employee satisfaction is the key to long term employee retention, and we have implemented our policies, benefits and programs to promote positive employee relationships. This includes a safe working environment, open door policy that allows access to company owners or executives,  training for various positions, medical and dental benefits, life insurance, and 401K plans.

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Boskovich Farms is dedicated to saving energy and we participate in Southern California Edison’s “Saving by Design”program to reduce energy. We have made a substantial investment in the future by installing energy efficient lighting throughout our facility. By using renewable energy sources in the plant, we have significantly cut back on energy needed to chill our water and make ice. Future plans for additional improvements to our processing plant promise to greatly lower our electrical load and increase our energy efficiencies throughout our facility.


    We have been working with Southern California Edison on a “Savings by Design” project. This project we are implementing now and will reduce our Plant energy consumption 30% by modernizing and upgrading our refrigeration system.


    Our neighbor is a 50 megawatt Co-Generation power plant. Steam is one of their facility’s byproducts for making electricity. They use their waste steam to drive a AAARP (Aqueous Ammonia Absorption Plant) to cool our plants refrigeration systems’ refrigerant. During the hours the Co-Generation plant is operating they are providing cooling for our Plant saving electricity.

Community Awareness

Boskovich Farms Inc. gives back to the community by working closely with the California Association of Food Banks as well as with the local Food Share. 

Continuous Improvements

Boskovich Farms, Inc. strives to make continuous improvements by being proactive at the field, harvesting, processing and distribution levels, working with our customers, industry associations and a group of upper managers at Boskovich. Our Installation Planning Board searches for ways and means to make Boskovich Farms, Inc. one of the leaders in this industry.